Product Support

Support includes:

  • Responding to questions or problems
  • Fixing bugs
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Support does not include:

  • Customization and installation services
  • Support for third party software and third party plug-ins

Please follow this troubleshooting guide if you experience any issues.


  • Make sure your WordPress installation, theme, framework and plugins are on the latest versions
  • If possible, disable all plugins and check if the issue still exists
  • If possible, switch to the default WordPress theme and check if the issue still exists. If the problem disappears, then your theme is responsible and you need to contact the theme’s developer.
  • Empty your cache

Submitting a Support Ticket

Before submitting a support ticket, please read LinkPatrol’s documentation.

You can submit a support ticket by filling contact form found in LinkPatrol Support page. In order to access support page, you must be logged in.

Support Ticket Information

  • Be specific. The more you describe the problem in detail, the faster we can help you. If there are any error messages, please let us know what they are.
  • Make sure your website is viewable or else provide login info so that we can take a look.